I build business ideas into websites, advanced online tools and apps.

If you have a concept you want to turn into a working online business or a tool you wish to add to your existing website then I can help.

  • 1. Websites

    I've built dozens of websites from simple news sites to advanced sites for processing data and making complex assessments.
  • 2. Apps

    Interactive tools, reports and calculators add value to your business and help engage customers' attention.
  • 3. Plugins

    I've written plugins for the main WordPress plugin directory and can add any feature to your existing WordPress site.

Here are some examples of the kinds of things I build.


Most of my websites are built on WordPress to make content management easier for customers.

Sometimes people send me a design of how the site should look. Otherwise we find a theme that suits.

By building custom themes and writing my own plugins there are no limits to what kind of site can be made.

Advanced features

Most of my work involves adding advanced custom features to existing websites.

Often agencies and web designers will sub-contract me to build the more complex parts of their sites.

Some projects start with a detailed brief and others begin with just a few bullet points.

Reports & Analytics

I build a lot of websites that collect and process large volumes of data.

Using javascript charts I've built interactive reporting tools to present that data.

It looks great and works really well to engage with users and convey your information.

Maps API

The Google Maps API has allowed me to create all sorts of location based features.

Geo location searches with custom markers and overlays make great interactive tools.

This example maps the global locations of DNA sequencers and categoriszes them by make.

Interactice tools and Calculators

User engagement can be really improved with interactive survey tools.

Collecting user data through graphics, sliders and questionnaires to return personalised responses.

These tools also collect useful data for analysis and can provide real valuable content to users.

WordPress Plugins

I've made plugins that are available on the main WordPress plugin directory.

Plugins allow users to add features to any WordPress site and reuse them on multiple sites.

I've built dozens of plugins adding small features or full scale applications.

How to contact me

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steve.brumpton (Mon - Fri, 10am - 5pm)


35 Borrowdale Drive, Norwich, NR1 4LX.